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In order to promote sustainable development, implement effective corporate governance, maintain social welfare, preserve the environment, enhance information disclosure, and foster a balanced growth of the economy, society, and environment, our company adopted the “Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice” in December 2015. This code actively encourages corporate governance, fosters a sustainable environment, upholds social welfare, and prioritizes openness, fairness, and transparency in information disclosure, adhering to the principles of sustainable corporate citizenship.

On November 2022, the “Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility” was renamed the “Code of Practice for Sustainable Development” in response to international development trends and legal amendments, underscoring our company’s commitment to promoting sustainable development, as well as our recognition of the significance of this issue in the global corporate landscape.

The company is a professional silicon intellectual property (IP) company that abides by relevant environmental laws and regulations. As it does not manufacture any physical products nor conduct any production process operations, the risk associated with wastewater, waste gas, toxic gas, or chemicals is negligible. Waste generated in the office is categorized as general waste, including kitchen waste, and recyclables. Colleagues temporarily store waste in centralized garbage areas, which are then cleared and transported by the property management company. This practice reflects the company’s commitment to implementing sustainable management policies that prioritize environmental protection and resource reuse.

The company aims to maintain its clean environmental record and remain in compliance with all relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, with no violations as of December 2022.

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Elimination and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
    • The office adopts LED lighting equipment and turns off the lights during the rest time of colleagues
    • Use water-saving equipment to promote water conservation and reduce waste of water resources
    • Air-conditioning temperature control in the whole district office, and there is a timing shut-off device
    • Provide environmentally friendly tableware, reduce the use of disposable tableware, and reduce the impact of garbage and pollution on the environmental load
    • In terms of waste, according to the classification method stipulated by the Environmental Protection Bureau, clear and compliant temporary storage containers are set up in the office to achieve correct classification and effective recycling
    • Implement an online sign-off system to reduce paper usage
    • Regular inventory of greenhouse gases and water consumption every year, with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption year by year
  • Please refer to the statistics of water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and factory waste over the years

To protect the basic human rights of employees and all stakeholders and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, the company supports and abides by the spirit and basic principles of human rights protection revealed in international human rights conventions, and abides by domestic gender equality and equal work laws, equality laws, and labor standards laws Laws related to the protection of human rights and health, such as the Occupational Safety Law of the General Administration of Health:

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace environment
    • The company building has a lactation collection room for the use of maternal colleagues in the company
    • The company cooperates with the building management and conducts fire-fighting equipment inspections every year. Update and improve damaged or non-compliant equipment on time to ensure that fire-fighting equipment is always normal and safe.
    • Regularly implement safety and health education and training, fire training, and emergency response drills to enhance the professional knowledge of company colleagues in work safety, health, and personal safety.
    • The company conducts operating environment inspections every year to monitor heavy metals and volatile organic compounds in the laboratory to prevent the company’s colleagues from being harmed by physical hazards and provide an excellent operating environment.
    • The company provides in-service colleagues with an annual health checkup to exceed the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Law, and the contracted cooperative hospital sends doctors to the office to provide consultation on the results of the health checkup.
    • The company cares about the health of every employee. Through full-time nursing staff, it provides health management and case tracking management for employees, implements workplace maternity protection, organizes health lectures from time to time, and prevents abnormal workload, human-induced hazards, and physical and mental violations. Protect the health of colleagues.
  • Strictly prohibit the employment of child labor, eliminate employment discrimination, and ensure equal employment opportunities。
    • According to safety, health, and labor-related laws and regulations, no child labor under the age of 16 shall be employed, and young people over the age of 16 but under the age of 18 shall not be allowed to engage in dangerous or harmful work. Inspections shall be conducted during recruitment to prevent omissions.
    • The company integrates gender balance into all human resources practices. In 2022, female employees accounted for an average of 16.4% of all employees, and female supervisors accounted for an average of 11.48% of all supervisors. The company believes that having more women as managers will strengthen the company’s inclusive culture, promote gender balance, make better decisions and innovations, and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Favorable and competitive salary and benefits
    • Perfect salary and retirement system
      • To encourage employees to grow together with the company, in addition to the three fixed bonuses, in line with the company’s operating performance, annual goals are set every year, and quarterly bonuses, performance bonuses, and employee remuneration are issued every quarter based on the achievement of goals and the contribution of colleagues. Staff promotion follows the “Performance Management Method”, and there will be an assessment once a year as the basis for salary adjustment, promotion, and bonus distribution.
      • Implementation of the employee stock ownership trust system: In 2019, the employee stock ownership trust plan was officially launched, which applies to all employees of the company. The employees will allocate a fixed amount from their monthly salary, and the company will also allocate a 1:1 public withdrawal fund. Depositing in a special trust account not only achieves the purpose of retaining talents but also helps colleagues accumulate wealth and plan for future retirement life.
      • In order to encourage colleagues to provide professional services and ensure the quality of life of colleagues after retirement, the company formulated the “Resignation and Retirement Management Measures” in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and the Labor Pension Regulations, specifying retirement conditions, payment standards, and application procedures, and actively cooperating with government policies. The retirement system is now adopting a new system of labor retirement. According to the labor pension regulations, the company contributes to the individual labor account of the Labor Insurance Bureau and allocates NT$17,561,000 in 2021.
    • Establishment of Employee Welfare Committee
      • Colleagues enjoy various welfare measures such as year-end tourism celebrations, wedding and funeral subsidies, afternoon tea subsidies, monthly birthday parties, and colleagues’ dinners.
    • Establish labor-management meeting and general manager office mailbox
      • A labor-management meeting is held every quarter to ensure labor-management harmony by exchanging opinions and responding to colleagues’ suggestions.

Promoting Industry-University Cooperation Mechanism to Deepen the Development of Campus Talents

  • The “Andes Certified Engineer Test (ACET™) Program” examination is held twice a year regularly. In 2022, the number of participants will be 200. Students who pass the examination have registered in the basic information of the technical school At the same time, notify the company’s customers of this certification exam information, which will allow students who have passed the certification to find jobs at Andes’ customers after graduation. The ACET™ test is compiled by our company and is open on the company’s official website. It can help school professors train seed teachers and students, and help students understand practical applications and future employment.
  • Donate AndesCore™ and AndeSight™ to the school for R&D and project research, and provide students with applications in the fields of communication, storage, biomedicine, network, and multimedia to expand the school’s teaching resources and assist the school in cultivating outstanding students with the practical ability to achieve The win-win goal of talent cultivation and industrial cooperation to give back to the society. AndesCore™ has been used by 4 academic research teams in 2022, whose research topics are in AI-related fields.
  • Andes Technology will hold the first “Andes Cup RISC-V Creative Contest” in 2022, requiring participating teams to implement their works on the RISC-V platform. contest. The competition is conducted in an open and fair manner to discover outstanding innovative talents in the RISC-V industry. It received a warm response when it was held for the first time, and provided high bonuses, attracting nearly a hundred people from 25 teams from 12 schools to sign up for the competition.