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San Jose​

Senior Field Application Engineer (San Jose)

Assist in customer evaluation of the proprietary CPU IP (Central Processing Unit Intellectual Property) products of the company; coordinate with research and development activities; manage projects to ensure product delivered according to the spec and schedule; provide technical support in the areas of Linux driver porting, embedded system designs, and RTOS (Real Time Operating System)/Linux for the applications in areas such as Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Coordinate with RD to define pre-sales product specifications defining, and resolve post-sales integration issues.

Requirement: Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering; 18 months of experience in job offered or as Technical Manager. Experience in Linux driver porting, RTOS, CPU IP technical support management, and pre- and post-sales support including product specification definition and integration issues resolution. Will accept any suitable combination of education, training, or experience.

Work Site/send resume to: Andes Technology USA Corp., 2860 Zanker Rd, #104, San Jose, CA 95134. 

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