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AndesCore™ in the IoT Market

With the superb performance-efficiency inherent in all Andes CPU products, their use has been part of the IoT market from its inception. Leveraging from early design wins in applications such as wireless radio and embedded control, Andes has now become used in a wide range of IoT products.

Different IoT applications demand different solutions. For example, the Andes N7 2-stage MCU can be an ideal solution for low-power process control in IoT devices. In applications where higher speeds are required, such as Bluetooth, Zigbee or WiFi, the 3-stage Andes N8 family may be a better choice. Within the Andes three stages CPU family, the Andes E8 allows customer to add specialized instructions to further increase performance-efficiency, boost performance and lower power even more.

Other SOC architectures for IoT may use a CPU in a “sensor fusion” approach, where diverse sensors data is gathered for localized processing and decision making. For many of these applications, the Andes N10 CPU can be an excellent choice both due to OS/MMU requirements and even optional FPU support. Finally, the high end of IoT devices may desire symmetric multicore support, along with full RTOS capability. For these, the Andes N13 can be used to serve the needs.

New industry-wide initiatives like the Thread Group (www.threadgroup.org) are striving to bring interoperability to IoT devices in the home. Andes participates with many of these groups, and is an active member of the Thread Group.

The diversity of IoT device types combined with the mandate for low power in SOCs have allowed AndesCore CPUs, peripherals and software tools be become an excellent solution in numerous IoT applications. If low-power is important, Andes is an excellent choice.

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