AndeSoft™ SW Stack

Building Blocks for System: AndeSoft™ Software Components

With AndeSight™ IDE, users can efficiently develop the software they want. To speed up the development process, Andes further provides a rich set of software components, from real-time operating system, Linux kernel and drivers, libraries, and middleware, to application frameworks, running on AndesCore™ processors under the name AndeSoft™. Users can leverage these well-prepared building blocks based on their needs and focus on tackling products to greatly improve their time-to-market.


  • Compiler and toolchain are contributed to GNU and LLVM communities and supported officially
  • All-C Embedded Programming environment
  • Optimized MCUlib, DSPlib, newlib, glibc, and uclibc
  • Concise linker script Linker Scattering-and-Gathering (LdSaG), and its tool
  • Sample programs to demo AndesCore™ features

Real-Time Operating System

  • FreeRTOS, eCos, and contiki (open source)
    • FreeRTOS includes optional support for Security, MPU, or OSC
  • ThreadX and middleware (from Express Logic)
  • µC3/Compact – micro C cube (µITRON 4.0 from eForce)
  • µC/OS-II and µC/OS-III kernel (from Micrium)
  • Nucleus kernel (from Mentor Graphics)

Linux, Middleware and Software Framework

  • Linux kernel 3.10 and 4.17 (for V5) and device drivers
  • U-Boot (mainlined), OpenWrt
  • GTK, Qt, and rdesktop
  • AndesZ: ultra-compact ZigBee protocol stack with multi-threading support

The following figure shows AndeSoft™ software stack of Linux and RTOS

AndeSoft web block diagram

Being the foundamental of the knect Software Stack, it comprises software building blocks for smart devices and Internet of Things applications, including device drivers, real-time operating systems, middlewares, protocol stacks, and IoT APIs running on AndesCore™. It provides choices of open source software, and production-proven, certified and optimized software by knect partners to fulfill a wide range of smart products and emerging applications development requirements. You may check details at Software Stack.

AndesCore™ processors come with many configurations. As the corresponding software parts, such as operating systems and C/C++ libraries, are subject to optimization based on hardware configuration. When a processor configuration is selected, Andes provide the corresponding components to best match the hardware counterparts.