AndeSoft™ SW Stack

Building Blocks for System: AndeSoft™ Software Components

With AndeSight™ IDE, users can develop software with hardware in a seamlessly integrated environment efficiently. To speed up the development process, Andes further provides a rich set of software components, from Real-Time Operating System, Linux kernel and drivers, libraries, and middleware, to application frameworks, running on AndesCore™ processors under the name AndeSoft™. Users can leverage those well-prepared and verified building blocks based on their needs and focus on tackling products to greatly improve time-to-market.


Being the foundamental of the knect Software Stack, it comprises software building blocks for smart devices and Internet of Things applications, including device drivers, real-time operating systems, middlewares, protocol stacks, and IoT APIs running on AndesCore™. It provides choices of open source software, and production-proven, certified and optimized software by knect partners to fulfill a wide range of smart products and emerging applications development requirements. You may check details at Software Stack.

AndesCore™ processors come with many configurations. As the corresponding software parts, such as operating systems and C/C++ libraries, are subject to optimization based on hardware configuration. When a processor configuration is selected, Andes provide the corresponding components to best match the hardware counterparts.