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Andes Technology is the provider of innovative embedded processors and SoC platform solutions. With our experiences and knowledge in SoC design, we are able to provide a complete infrastructure in which the software development tool chains, virtual SoC platforms, hardware development platforms, and Andes IP Cores are tightly coupled to help you developing your SoC and system solutions.

Andes joined the RISC-V Foundation as a Founding member of in 2016 and in 2020 became a Premier member of RISC-V International. With a complete product portfolio of RISC-V CPU IP, Andes is the industry’s reliable RISC-V core IP business partner. The company is a major tool-chain contributor (and maintainer) of the RISC-V ecosystem and Andes provides RISC-V cores that run Linux. Uniquely among RISC-V IP suppliers, Andes provides world’s leading customer-instruction extension capability tool and IP. With years of customers interaction, Andes is a leader in designing capability important to SoC designers.

Our technical service team is organized to provide our customers in depth knowledge, technical support and consulting service on Andes product lines. Technical support is regulated in an agreement signed with customers. The agreement may include standard support and maintenance program. The agreement may also incorporate training courses covering AndeStar™, AndesCore™, AndeSight™, AndeSoft™, AndeShape™ and AndesAIRE™. The agreement can also include consulting service, including consultation on AndesCore™ selection and configuration, SoC architecture, FPGA and ASIC design flow and software porting, etc. Finally, the agreement can also comprise custom engineering service including AndesCore™ configuration verification, FPGA prototyping, SoC front end design and verification, and hardware and software IP design, etc.

Andes also provides a professional technical support mechanism, Andes e-Service. Andes e-Service system is designed with a user friendly interface that allows customers to communicate with Andes support engineers easily and track the issues efficiently. Customers can contact Andes sales and support engineers to create user accounts and log in to Andes e-Service system to report the support requests.