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Stakeholder Engagement


Andes provides AndeStar™ ISA and IFA user manuals, all series of AndesCore™ processors intellectual property specifications, IP integration guides, IP verification guides, various software platform installation guides, and user manuals. It will allow customers to understand Andes quickly and be familiar with and get started with Andes configurable IP processor development environments. Andes also provides complete training courses to assist customers in achieving high-quality designs and reducing time-to-market.

Andes Technology is a professional IP design company with no production process or factory and minimal impact on the environment.

Regarding the components and accessories provided from Andes product line for customers to develop software, verify programs and debug errors, although the amount of these raw materials is very small, Andes will still evaluate and assess whether the suppliers and foreign contractors are qualified to ensure product quality.

Andes attaches great importance to corporate governance and provides investors with communication channels.

Andes complies with Taiwan’s laws and regulations and formulates relevant corporate governance rules and spokesperson contact channels. Andes also put this information on the Andes website for investors to inquire.

Contact windows

Main topics of concern Contact Windows Communication Channels Communication Frequency
*Operational Performance
*Corporate Governance
*Shareholder Engagement
Andes spokesperson:
Fiona Chou, AVP of Finance
Acting Spokesperson:
Vincent Chen, Special Assistant
*Annual Shareholders' Meeting/ Company Annual Report
*Quarterly financial reports
*Operational Overview Announcement
*Investor Conference
*Important information/News Release/ Company website/ Phone/ Email/ Investor Relations Mailbox/ Stock Affairs and Investor Relations Contact Window/ Journalist Interview
*At Least Once a Quarter
*Labour Relations and Labor rights
*Workplace Health and Safety
*Talent Recruitment and Retention
*Talent Cultivation and Development
*Salary and Benefits
Andes Human Resources Unit
Miss Lee
Email: hr@andestech.com
Tel: +886-3-5726533
* Annual Performance Interview Assessment
*Labor-Management Committee
*Personnel Announcement/Internal Staff Website/ Sexual Harassment Complaint Channel/Workplace Wrongful Assault Notification/ Employee Welfare Committee/ Internal and External Education Training
*Product Research and Development
*Product Applications
*Customer Relationship and Maintenance
Andes Business Unit
Miss Song
Email: sales@andestech.com
Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
Holding Annual Domestic and Foreign Technical Seminars
Company Website E-service Reply
Customer High-level Visits
*Company Image
*Quality Safety Assurance and Inspection Requirements
*Supplier Procurement and Management
Andes Purchasing Unit
Miss Tsao
Email: pur@andestech.com"
Supplier Audit
E-mail/ Phone/ Onsite Audit
*Annual irregular

Stakeholders’ concerns and communication:  2021

The communication with various stakeholders has been submitted to  Andes board of directors report on November 11, 2021 and recorded.

Ethics and Regulatory Compliance on Business Conduct AND Whistleblower Protection

Andes Technology engages in business activities based on the principles of fairness, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency. In order to implement the integrity management policy and actively prevent dishonest behaviors, relevant operating procedures and behavior guidelines are formulated in accordance with the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies”, and those guidelines specifically regulate the matters that Andes personnel should pay attention to when carrying out business.

If any Andes employee or supplier violates the above ethics and regulatory compliance, please contact us by email er@andestech.com

Andes will handle the relevant processing procedures in accordance with the integrity management principle and ethical code of conduct.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the personal data provided by whistleblowers shall be kept confidential in accordance with the provisions of the “Personal Data Protection Act” and relevant laws and regulations. Andes will also collect, process and use relevant personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, and take appropriate protection measures to protect personal data and privacy in accordance with the law.