Andes Technology Launched AndesCore™ SN801, the New Generation Processor Core with Security Features.


With High Power-Efficiency and Side Channel Attack Prevention, SN801 Becomes the Best Choice for SoC Developers when Designing Lightweight and Low-power Secure Products.

【Taiwan HsinChu】For new-generation SoC design, delivering 32-bit features and performance along with 8/16-bit cost is a must if one wants to stand out in a competitive market. To meet these requirements, Andes Technology launched the latest-generation AndesCore™ SN801, a 32-bit CPU with advanced security features, in its recent 7th Andes-Embedded™ Forum. SN801 is based on the energy-efficient N801 processor core and designed with secure MPU (Memory Protection Unit). It not only adopts a comprehensive protocol to manage privilege levels but also provides hardware mechanisms for code and data protection. Effectively preventing side channel attacks, AndesCore™ SN801 processor core is the best choice for SoC developers to design lightweight and low-power secure products.

AndesCore™ SN8 series combines streamlined 3-stage pipeline with protective instruction set architecture. With its complete and robust architecture, SN801 enables customers to assign security levels by setting passwords or implement tamper-proof mechanisms according to application needs. The applications of SN801 cover from emerging NFC, bank cards, medical insurance cards, memory cards to e-passports and more. By migrating to SN801 that significantly surpasses legacy 8/16-bit processors, IC design companies can hammer out low-cost, low-power, highly secure and competitive products to address ever-renewing and fast-growing applications.

Dr. Charlie Su, Chief Technical Officer and VP of R&D at Andes, states, “According to a market research report, the global shipments of smart cards are expected to reach around 8.5 billion units by 2013. Specifically targeting applications pertaining to smart cards, AndesCore™ SN801 accelerates the associated SoC design and development, reduces the time for product certification and speeds the entry to market, thereby benefiting customers to vie for share of the ten-billion-unit smart card market. AndesCore™ SN801 fully caters to the demand of new generation SoC design with its 32-bit features and 8/16-bit cost advantage, making it the optimal choice for SoC developers when designing lightweight and low-power secure products.”    For more information about the embedded AndesCore™ SN8 series, please refer to or contact