Andes Leads The Industry by Reducing Power Consumption for New Embedded Devices New Lower-Power Processor Solutions for Wearable Computing, IOT and other Power-Critical Applications


【Santa Clara, CA, October 2, 2013】 – Andes Technology (, Asia’s leading supplier of licensable processor cores, today disclosed plans for a new class of ultra-low power processor core solutions.  These products will incorporate a new technology called FlashFetch™ as well as other energy reducing innovations.  Collectively, these new capabilities are designed to meet the most demanding, power-sensitive requirements for applications such as Wearable Computing devices, IoT (Internet of Things) and other flash-memory based requirements.  Building upon Andes’ successful line of performance-efficient IP cores, already in hundreds of millions of products, the company is breaking new ground by further reducing energy consumption and extending battery life to enable a new class of devices.

Speaking from TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform(OIP) ecosystem conference, Andes’ President, Frankwell Lin, explained: “Reducing energy consumption is a global need and we are committed to help that through innovations in performance-efficiency.  These new products enable our customers to rebalance performance and power consumption, resulting in SOCs that consume less energy to accomplish their work.  This helps extend battery life for the next generation of embedded devices – like the new Wearable Computing products that are starting to emerge.”  Andes is demonstrating their entire product line at their booth at the OIP conference.

Andes new low power solutions have impact beyond the processor cores.  The techniques used allow lower speed memories to be used, saving power without sacrificing performance and also enable the creation of off-core program buffers.  Moreover, modeling application performance of is simplified with the AndesSight™ development environment.  This allows customers to experiment with alternate hardware approaches to optimize power, performance and size for their specific software.

“As the new class of SoC solutions for IoT applications becomes better defined, one trend that is emerging is the need for very low power consumption and high power efficiency in the silicon,” said Rich Wawrzyniak, Sr. market Analyst at Semico Research. “Approaches and products that allow designers to realize good performance while delivering power efficiency will be well-received in the market and enjoy a large degree of success.” Wawrzyniak went on to say, “the research Semico is doing today on IoT applications shows the potential for very large unit volumes in the near future to support IoT implementations in both consumer and commercial environments. Good solutions in one area have the potential of being adopted in other areas of the market and the Andes Technology use of the FlashFetch technology can impact silicon solutions aimed at these other market segments. This design solution can have a synergistic effect on Andes’ growth into these newer market segments.”

These new low power solutions featuring FlashFetch, COPILOT, PowerBrake and other new techniques will be discussed at the upcoming Linley Tech Processor Conference on October 16th and 17th at Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara. 

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