Andes Embedded Processor Symposium 2013 Held in Korea


Co-organized by Andes and KIPEX, Andes Embedded Processor Symposium 2013 was held on Sep 12, 2013 at EL Tower, Seoul, Korea. Specially designed for embedded SoC designers and ASIC design service companies, speeches focused on Andes high performance, low power 32-bit processors and the associated SoC development platforms. Attendees were introduced to new-generation SoC solutions that meet rapidly-growing demands on better scalability, flexibility, performance, cost and power saving.

In the symposium, Andes Sales VP presented three major trends of device creation, the evolution of embedded CPUs and the MCU market analysis; Andes FAE Director introduced Andes advantages in hardware for MCU applications and Linux applications; Andes Sr. Technical Manger introduced Andes proprietary instruction set architecture AndeStar™, Andes software development environment AndeSight™ and complier optimization.

The symposium will be held periodically in the future. Through the event, Andes plans to bring the first hand technology development to the Korean industry and enhance interaction with customers there.