A Look Back at the Achievements Andes Made in 2019


As the world class creator of innovative high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit processor cores, Andes Technology has devoted itself to promoting RISC-V and bringing fruitful results. In 2019, it has launched more diverse and powerful RISC-V processors and also turned to be Founding Platinum Member in the RISC-V Foundation. In the coming year, Andes will continue driving innovation and taking RISC-V to the mainstream market!

  • Andes upgraded its membership in the RISC-V Foundation to Platinum.

  • Andes President Frankwell Lin becomes Vice President of RISC-V Taiwan Alliance, founded in 2019.

  • Over 200 commercial licensees, geographically distributed in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Europe, and USA.

  • Over 350 license agreements signed.

  • Over 17,000 installations of AndeSight™ IDE.

  • Over 145 ecosystem partners.

  • The cumulative shipment of SoCs embedded with Andes CPU cores surpassed 4.5 billion.

  • This year, through the end of the third quarter, the top three rankings of revenue by regions are Taiwan(38%), USA(31%) and China (25%).

  • This year, through the end of the third quarter, the ratio of total revenue by products are RISC-V(49%), V3(34%) and Customer Computing(17%).

  • This year, through the end of the third quarter, top three customer applications are AI (22%), Sensing (22%) and IoT (15%) based on agreement number.

  • Andes has launched AndesCore™ RISC-V multi-core processors A25MP/AX25MP and announced that AndesCore™ 27-series processor, AndesCore™ 45-series processors and RISC-V vector extension processor will be available in 2020.

  • Andes targeted deeply embedded protocol processing and entry-level MCUs with the new N22, the smallest RISC-V core in its V5 family and launched RISC-V FreeStart Program with N22.

  • As a major contributor and maintainer of RISC-V open source software as well as the chair of the P-extension (Packed SIMD/DSP) Task Group and co-chair of Fast Interrupt Task Group, Andes has donated RISC-V P-extension draft to the RISC-V Foundation.

  • Andes Corvette-F1 N25 platform became one of the first RISC-V platforms qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS.

  • Andes strengthened the RISC-V EasyStart alliance to more than 15 ASIC design service partners.
  • Andes and Silex Insight built strategic partnership for RISC-V based root-of-trust IP solutions.

  • Secure-IC and Andes teamed up to provide cybersecurity enhanced RISC-V cores.

  • SEGGER makes its entire ecosystem of tools available for AndesCores.

  • Andes and Deeplite joined forces to deploy highly compact deep learning models into daily life.

  • Andes and Tiempo Secure announced strategic partnership to enhance RISC-V platform security up to CC EAL5+ certification.

  • Andes and Dover Microsystems partnered to deliver professional network security solution for RISC-V.

  • Andes hosted five RISC-V CON in total in Hsinchu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Silicon Valley. More than 1,000 RISC-V enthusiasts around the world joined us to learn the market trends and our leading technology.

  • Andes also participates in the RISC-V Foundation Marketing Committee and APAC Promotion Task Group to help drive RISC-V’s global expansion. Andes joined every RISC-V workshop in Asia, EU, and the US, and one-day RISC-V roadshows in 15 cities around the world.

  • Andes joined almost 60 major industry events around the world, including Embedded World (Germany), RISC-V Panel (Hsinchu), RISC-V Workshop (Hsinchu, Zurich), RISC-V Roadshow (US*4, EMEA*6, China*5), TSMC Technology Symposium (Santa Clara, Boston, Austin, Hsinchu, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Israel, Japan), TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum (Amsterdam, Santa Clara, Beijing), IP SoC Day (Santa Clara, Shanghai, Grenoble), Linley Spring Processor Conference (Santa Clara), RISC-V Meetup (Santa Clara), COMPUTEX (Taipei), DAC (San Francisco), RISC-V Seminar (Korea), TechTaipei (Taipei), VLSI Design/CAD Symposium (Kaoshiung), IC Innovative Application Summit (Shenzhen), IC China (Shanghai), MIITEC conference , SMIC Symposium (Shanghai), RISC-V Day (Tokyo), SEDEX (Korea), WIOTC (Wuzhen), KUMICO Meetup (Tokyo, Osaka), IAR DevCon (Tokyo), China RISC-V Forum (Shenzhen), China High-Tech Fair (Shenzhen), Semisrael Expo (Israel), ET & IoT Technology (Yokohama), ICCAD (Nanjing), RISC-V Summit (Santa Clara), ELEXCON (Shenzhen)。