Zinitix BT541 Touch Screen Controller Uses Andes N968A


Fabless chip giant Zinitix, based in Yongin, South Korea, has licensed the AndesCore N968A-S CPU IP for its Progressive Capacitive(PCAP)Touch Screen Controller BT541.

Zinitix BT541 leverages the AndesCore N968A’s high performance and small gate count to provide the advanced PCAP functionality found in today’s smart phone touch panel controllers: multi-touch capability, gesture recognition, and touch accuracy. The Zinitix BT541 has been incorporated into the worldwide mobile phone industry supply chain.
According to HIS Inc., the capacitive touch controller IC market is forecast to double in size to $2.8 billion in 2017, from $1.4 billion in 2012, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 14.6 percent during the period.

The El Segundo, Calif. based market research firm declares capacitive touch technology is leading the growth.” In the past eight years, it has been steadily advancing in many areas including touch panel structure, its materials, and the manufacturing process. Along with this, the market for touch controller lCs, one of the key components that determine the touch screen panel’s performance, has also experienced growth.”

"We are thrilled that Zinitix selected Andes from among our competitors for their BT541 fourth generation capacitive touch screen controller," said Frankwell Lin, President of Andes. ” We look forward to continue enabling Zinitix to achieve their goal of becoming a global system IC leader. Korea is one of the most important markets for Andes.

In the future, Andes will aggressively promote its entire range of processors, the N7, N8, N9, N10, and N13, to provide SoC designers in Korea a wider selection of processor cores."

AndesCore N968A contributes to the cost/performance advantage of Zinitix’s BT541 to enable its success in the highly competitive PCAP touch screen market. Geoff Walker, Senior Touch Technologist, Intel Corp. places Zinitix in the top 15 PCAP controller suppliers worldwide.("Fundamentals of projected-Capacitive Touch Technoligy," p.55)the N968A AndeStar™ V3 instruction set architecture adds 38 instructions to achieve superior system performance, minimum code size, and the lowest power consumption among competitive alternatives.

Zinitix Co., Ltd. Aims To Be the Global System IC Leader
Zinitix Co.is a fabless semiconductor enterprise specializing in developing world class system integrated circuits began in business nearly 20 years ago.

Since its founding, Zinitix has been invested heavily in innovative research and development. Today, Zinitix is high volume production of a wide variety of system ICs; touch controller ICs, auto focus driver ICs, haptic driver ICs, and motor driver ICs. Designed into smart phones, tablet PCs, laptop PCs, home appliances, and automotive applications, Zinitix products provide customers and markets epoch-making technology such as 1-layer touch and one chip auto-focus. Through creative R&D and leading technology, Zinitix’s Goal is become a global system IC leader providing the best products and services. For more information about Zinitix Co., Ltd, please visit http://www.Zinitix.com/eng/main/main.php