Andes Technology Forms New Internet of Things Community to Provide Open-Source and Commercial IoT Solutions based on AndesCore™ processors

LinkedIn Partner Solutions Enable SoC Developers to Build Highly Competitive IoT Products to Meet Narrow, Fast-Moving Product Windows

【Taiwan Hsinchu】– Andes Technology Corporation, the leading Asia-based supplier of small, low-power, high performance 32-bit embedded CPU cores, today announced, the new Internet of Things community that provides open-source and commercial solutions for connected devices based on the highly performance-efficient AndesCore processors. community partners provide the SoC development platforms, software stacks, application development platforms, and development tools SoC developers need to build highly competitive IoT products to meet narrow, fast moving product windows.

“IoT is a diversified market with great potential. In the past year, many partners have approached Andes seeking partnership,” said Charlie Hong-Men Su, Ph.D. Andes Technology CTO and Senior Vice President of R&D. “Because we know that it takes multiple companies cooperating to fully exploit a market potential. Andes would like to contribute to the expansion of the IoT market by providing enabling resources for developers. With this motivation in mind, we created a new website The site will connect chip vendors, partners, applications developers, and system vendors related to IoT. will also bring together solutions for silicon IP’s, software stacks, tools, applications, and systems to help develop products that will connect to the world.”

In addition to the community, Andes is also creating the “IoT League.”  The league will showcase successful products that have been developed through the community. “We’re inviting Andes’ customers to provide information on their products that contain AndesCore IP,” said Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin, Andes Technology President. “In return, IoT League participants will receive greater exposure and enhanced reputation in the IoT market. By showcasing a broad expanding array of applications, new prospects will be attracted to adopt Andes customers’ products and solutions.”

About solution
The Knect SoC Development Platform solution comprises the AndesCore™, Andes platform IP, and partners’ IPs. The Knect Software Stack provides choices of open source software, and production-proven, certified and optimized software by Andes partners to fulfill a wide range of smart products and emerging applications development requirements. The Knect Application Development Platforms include both FPGA based prototyping boards and ASIC based rapid development boards. The Knect Development Tools include the AndeSight IDE Lite and the open source GNU toolchain for AndesCores. AndeSight™ Lite is a compact version of the Eclipse-based AndeSight™ IDE for free download. It comes with all major functionality up to a code size limitation of 32KB.

The community website is available immediately at, or simply For information about joining the community or to participate in the partnership program or IoT League, contact