The 8th Andes-Embedded™ Forum (AEF) Invites You to Seize Today’s Changing Moment and Create Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Devices


Andes Technology Launches its Compact Processor Core “Hummingbird” That Delivers Ultra Low Power Consumption, Adequate Performance with Reduced Cost

【Taiwan HsinChu】The 8th Andes-Embedded Forum (AEF) has successfully taken place on April 18, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Bearing the motto “Driving Innovations” in mind to self-motivate and service customers, Andes Technology has been providing core technology, SoC key components and development platforms for years. With the same mindset, the AEF in 2013 had a theme to assist customers to “Seize Today’s Changing Moment and Create Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Devices” with Andes processor-based solution and professional technology support. In the event, Andes Technology unveiled its compact 32-bit processor series “Hummingbird,” the achievement of Andes’ 8-year research that delivers ultra power-efficiency and adequate performance while reducing more die size and unit cost. Many of Andes partners were also invited to give product demonstrations.

In an era of pursuing smart and green product designs, computing in ultra low power consumption are extremely important. Thus, the 8th AEF aimed to provide customers with solutions of low power consumption and operation acceleration in hopes of making them meet their targets earlier. Attendants to this event got a thorough understanding through AEF’s eight sessions of different topics and ten booths that showcased various Andes applications. The theme of the AEF this year, “Seize Today’s Changing Moment and Create Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Devices,” responded to the two main requirements for today’s applications – power consumption and performance. Andes Technology with its CPU solutions looks forward to giving all SoC engineers a big hand to launch target-met SoCs and shorten the time to market. The Andes-embedded SoCs in turn are believed to facilitate the design of next-generation eye-catching devices for system engineers.

Jyh-Ming Frankwell Lin, President of Andes Technology Corporation, stated, “According to an IDC research report, the uptake of smart phones and tablets continues to surge these years. In 2013, the shipment of smart phones is projected to grow 13% while that of tablets is 44%, showing that mobile devices still play a prominent role in the market. This trend stimulates the rise of new applications and brings business opportunities to related industries. Knowing that it’s a must to enter the mobile device market, Andes Technology has acted aggressively to gain its share in fields like portable devices, IoT (Internet of Things), touch devices, networking, wireless communication, MCU and multimedia applications these past few years. When there is a need to adopt SoC(s) in your product, there is a chance for Andes Technology to partner with you. Providing core technology and development platform, Andes has worked closely with our customers to smooth the development process and to reduce their time-to-market. That’s how the theme of AEF this year, “Seize Today’s Changing Moment and Create Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Devices,” came from. We believe that AEF attendants have all been benefited from the mutual exchange of experiences and information about different applications in the event.”

Lin further expressed, “We keep offering best support and service expecting that SoC companies consider Andes when they develop their products. We also constantly launch products to answer to customers’ needs. The processor series ‘Hummingbird’ introduced in the AEF is tailored for embedded controllers that require ultra low energy consumption, especially for those that require months, or even longer, of battery life. As lightweight and vigorous as hummingbirds, the compact processor series ‘Hummingbird’ delivers ultra energy-efficiency while charging pretty low unit cost and power. Its applications include sensor-based applications, IoT, medical devices, MCUs, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, wireless communication, wireless connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Navigation System, sensor network, sensor fusion, and all sorts of hand-held devices. ‘Hummingbird’ outperforms its competitors with both ultra low power consumption and better performance; it enables the completion of a task faster using minimum power and enters the stand-by mode immediately to wait for the next task. Thus, ‘Hummingbird’ is by all means the most energy-efficient processor core in the market.”

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