Andes Launches the First Andes Certified Engineer Program


Students Flock to Register for Understanding Taiwan-based Development Platforms and Developing Professional Skills

【Taiwan HsinChu】The first Andes Certified Engineer (ACE™) Program was launched successfully in December 2012 in Kun San University, southern Taiwan, and Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology, northern Taiwan. The exam-based certification included two levels, advanced and intermediate, and had 96% attendance among 138 registrants. 
Andes Technology, the dedicated vendor of 32-bit CPU IPs and associated SoC platforms, introduces the ACE Program to make up the gap between universities and industry. The ACE program itself also adds values to Andes and boosts Andes’ corporate image when the Taiwan-based company goes international. Focusing on CPUs and embedded systems, the ACE Program facilitates the promotion of Taiwan-based developed products and the industry-academia cooperation. It also benefits students by getting them involved with the development process of SoC platforms, familiar with R&D environment in Taiwan, and ready for technology jobs. In the end, the ACE Program is expected to bring more advantages in promoting and nurturing the local CPU IPs.

Dr. Jhih-Syue Jhou, the supervisor of the first ACE Program and an associate professor in Department of Information Engineering, Kun San University, stated, “It’s my honor to organize the ACE exam in southern Taiwan and introduce the Taiwan-based embedded SoCs to students. I would like to express my respect to Andes Technology for their contributions on embedded system industry and related education in Taiwan. The program was launched successfully thanks to the support from the head, Prof. Benjamin Tseng, the staff and students in my department. Without their helps, it wouldn’t be easy to host an exam with 105 registrants.” 

Prof. Jhou further noted, “The industry needs qualified engineers and students need a certification to demonstrate their expertise. That’s why we hosted the exam to bridge the gap between the industry and students. Through the promotion by my department, 95% of students taking related courses had registered for the exam. The attendance clearly reflects the industry trend and the market demand. Kun San University and Department of Information Engineering would like to host the exam continuously with our full support. We also expect to set up a test/certification center and a training center in our department; the former allows more exam sessions for engineers in related fields to participate while the latter can do more promotion for Taiwan-based SoCs.”

The President of Andes Technology, Frankwell Lin, said, “Via the ACE Program, students can learn more about embedded systems and hardware/software co-design, thereby gaining the edge in job application. The ACE Program is devised as a training for corporate customers. University or graduate school students taking this exam can be exposed to industry-level embedded system development. Moreover, since a great part of the ACE Program is derived from frequently-asked questions of Andes customers, students can consider it as a rehearsal chance for job interview. We are glad that the first ACE Program has successfully launched and grateful for the supports from organizers, supervisors and test administrators in both venues. We also thank for the advices of Embedded Software Consortium, Education of Ministry. With the successful debut of the ACE Program, we will keep the event going and schedule it every half year.” 
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