Andes ICE Solution for Low Cost

General Description

AndeShape™ AICE-MINI is a portable debugging device, which works with AndeSight™ Development Suite and AndesCore™ Embedded Debug Module (EDM) through Andes debug interface connection. While maintaining software compatible with AndeShape AICE debugging solution as well as compliant with all revisions of EDM, AICE-MINI is designed to satisfy the development cost structure of the general MCU market.

Below is a picture of AICE-MINI:

Feature Highlight


  • Support Andes JTAG debug port (JDP, 5-wire) and Andes serial debug port (SDP, 2-wire) interfaces
  • Support multiple JTAG devices through Andes JDP interface
  • Support the debug-on-reset feature
  • Connect to the target system through a 12-pin to 20-pin JTAG cable, and to the debug host through a USB type A connector
  • Powered by the USB connection; no additional power supply required
  • Auto debug interface detection (2/5-wire)
  • Support 3.3V voltage 
  • Auto frequency calibration for the debug interface (12/6/3/1.5/0.75/0.375MHz)
  • Maximum debug interface frequency: 12MHz 
  • Over 300KB/sec effective download speed with Andes JTAG debug port interface 
  • Over 100KB/sec effective download speed with Andes serial debug port interface
  • Work with all AndesCore based systems with EDM implementations.

Development Tools and Platforms

  • AndeSight v2.0 or later
  • AndeShape Development Platforms