Andes Technology Announces over 5 Billion Cumulative Shipments of SoCs Embedded with Its CPU IP since Company Inception


SoC Shipments with Andes CPU IP Reached a Remarkable 1.5 Billion in 2019 Alone

HSINCHU, TAIWAN – March 31, 2020 – Andes Technology (TWSE: 6533), a leading supplier of high efficiency, low-power 32/64-bit RISC-V processor cores, announced a remarkable record of 1.5 billion annual SoC shipments containing its CPU IPs in 2019 at an annual growth rate of 50%. Since inception, cumulative shipments surpassed 5 billion. Applications in which Andes CPU IPs are embedded include audio, Bluetooth, gaming, GPS, machine learning, MCU, sensor fusion, SSD controllers, touch screen and TDDI controllers, USB 3.0 storage, voice recognition, Wi-Fi, wireless charger and more. 

Founded in 2005, Andes Technology celebrates its 15th anniversary this March. What started out as a small team is now an established leading RISC-V CPU IP provider with over 200 employees serving more than 300 customers worldwide. With the motto “Driving Innovations” in mind, in the past 15 years, Andes has devoted itself to providing professional solutions and technical support to help customers develop the best quality SoC designs. As more and more successful Andes customers enter mass production, the shipment volumes of Andes CPU IPs continue growing exponentially over the years. Hitting the milestone of more than 5 billion cumulative SoC shipments demonstrates customers’ long recognition of Andes’ product quality, innovative technologies, and world class support.

Andes President, Frankwell Lin said, “The cumulative SoC shipments containing our CPU IPs surpassed 5 billion, a major milestone showing the appreciation from customers of our high-quality products. With adoption of RISC-V rising, in 2019 it is the first time that the proportion of revenues from our V5 RISC-V processor series exceeded those from our previous proprietary V3 processor series. Our V5 RISC-V cores address a wide range of emerging applications including 5G, AI/machine learning, ADAS, AR/VR, blockchain, cloud computing, data centers, IoT, sensing, storage, security, wireless and so on. Once our customers begin mass production of RISC-V products, we believe they will bring Andes’ growth to the next level.”

Dr. Charlie Su, Andes CTO and Executive Vice President, also stated, “By driving innovations, Andes continues to launch a wide range of RISC-V processors, including the 22, 25, and the coming 27 and 45 series. Andes is the first CPU IP vendor to release commercial RISC-V cores with DSP and vector instruction extensions. These extensions provide the high performance demanded by the compute-intensive algorithms extensively being designed into today’s SoCs. As the product portfolio of Andes covers more and more applications, we continue offering different choices catering to the specific needs of customers to help them create the most competitive domain-specific solutions.”

Andes Technology has committed to promoting RISC-V CPU IPs. In 2019, the company became a Platinum founding member of the RISC-V Foundation (the RISC-V International Association now). Today, it broadened its diverse and powerful RISC-V processors to serve rapidly emerging applications. Andes maintains its promise to devoting more resources to the RISC-V ecosystem and bringing more processor solutions, enriching the RISC-V product line, and taking RISC-V to the mainstream globally.

Andes Solutions Update

Since the reveal of its first RISC-V CPU core in 2017, Andes continues to experience high demand for its RISC-V offerings in the high growth markets. Andes latest ground-breaking 27-Series Processor RISC-V IP, with its first ever RISC-V Vector Processing Unit, has also found strong demand in the high growth AR and VR market. One of Andes competitive advantage in the RISC-V market is its first-to-market implementations of RISC-V P- and V-extensions (DSP and vector, respectively) combined with Andes Custom Extensions™ (ACE). 

ACE enables customers to design RISC-V solutions that are tailored for their specific requirements. This affords customers the advantage of difficult-to-clone and differentiated solutions that are smaller, more power efficient, and cost competitive than other market offerings. Furthermore, ACE ensures that its customers’ customized CPUs get through the design process as easily as an off the shelf CPU core. Andes has released 11 RISC-V cores to serve the wide range of computing needs of its customers, and the R&D team will continue developing even more powerful RISC-V offerings in the future.