HunterSun Corporation Licenses AndesCore™ N1068A-S for Its HS6601 Single-Chip Bluetooth SoC Targeting Wireless Audio Applications


Andes’ N1068A-S Provides Design Flexibility and Balances Performance and Power Consumption for Wireless Audio Applications

HSINCHU, TAIWAN – June 20th , 2018 – Andes Technology Corporation, the leading Asia-based supplier of small, low-power, high performance 32/64-bit embedded CPU cores, today announced that HunterSun Corporation has licensed its mid-range AndesCore™ N1068A-S for the HunterSun HS6601 single-chip Bluetooth SoC that receives wireless audio, drives speakers and digitizes microphone input.  Andes’ N1068A-S provides design flexibility and required computing power for processing Bluetooth protocol with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) functionality and combining audio processing and applications.

“Andes Technology’s N1068A-S provided our engineering team, a highly integrated, lower cost solution for our HS6601 single-chip Bluetooth,” said Xiaobin Ye, Senior Vice President of HunterSun Corp. “The demand for Bluetooth SoCs in audio applications is extremely strong in China. With the Andes CPU, we were able to integrate Bluetooth stack and required profiles with our audio framework expertise while providing FM radio and I/O functionality for USB and SD memory demanded in most of the audio applications.  Incorporating all this functionality on chip enabled us to gain an advantage in this highly competitive product segment.”

“We are extremely pleased that HunterSun chose our N10 CPU IP for their HS6601 Bluetooth Chip,” said Charlie Hong-Men Su, Andes CTO and Senior Sales Vice President. “The AndesCore™ N10 processor is ideal for HunterSun’s Bluetooth audio application with a balance of performance and power consumption. The N10’s 5-stage pipeline and the rich AndeStar™ Instruction-Set Architecture provides plenty of performance headroom to accommodate the evolution of the Bluetooth dual mode specification and to support a wide range of audio applications by the HunterSun SoC.  The N1068A-S also comes with instruction and data cache and local memory options. These enable the system to provide both power and design efficiency to perform a combination of wireless communication and multimedia processing.”

About HunterSun Corporation
HunterSun Corporation is a high-tech enterprise located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, co-founded by domestic and international experts in integrated circuits and electronics. The company is focused on the development of RF integrated circuit chips, analog integrated circuit chips, and System-on-Chip. The product portfolio currently includes wireless communications chips, power management chips, RF front-end modules, etc. HunterSun is also committed to develop core technology and solutions of the “Internet of things”. The products are applied in the fields of smart phone, feature phone, tablet personal computer, wireless mouse, keyboard and smarthome, etc.

HunterSun headquarter is located in Beijing. Beijing HunterSun Company is mainly responsible for the operations. HunterSun has its research and development centers in Beijing and Shanghai. Additionally, HunterSun has established its marketing and sales and technology support offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. HunterSun currently has 150 employees, and for RD group, 80% of its employees have a master degree or above; 10% of them are holders of PhD