Cyberon and Andes Collaborate on Voice Interface Solutions for IoT Devices


【Taiwan Hsinchu】Conversational assistant or chatbot, an emerging application of Internet-of-Things, comprises microphones, SoCs for processing, connectivity, and the most important part – its cloud counterpart to serve as a big database and machine learning engine for its intelligent capability. This indicates a new way of interaction between machines and human beings and makes us excited about envisioning future applications. Its fundamental technology, voice recognition, benefits from the rise of computing power and technology developments, and is capable to run on a 32-bit MCU with kilobytes of memory footprint.

A technology partner of Andes Technology, Cyberon Corporation, develops CSpotter which is specifically designed for a new generation of always-on mobile and IoT devices, listening to ambient speech to detect and respond to a set of predefined words and/or trigger commands. CSpotter supports 34 languages, based on phoneme acoustic models. Developers can quickly create customized voice commands simply with text input, without requiring cumbersome voice data collection process.

“We aim to help developers quickly and easily add voice commands to a wide range of applications from smartphones, smart toys, wearables, automotive to IoT.” said Tai-Hsuan Ho, founder and CEO of Cyberon. “Over the past few years, Cyberon’s voice solutions have been shipped with embedded devices for more than 150 million units. One of the key factors to our success is that we are running on the most powerful yet cost-effective platforms, which is why we picked those powered by Andes cores. Secondly, CSpotter is one of the most accurate, noise-robust, and small footprint voice recognition engines, especially suitable for IoT and mobile devices of voice-activation capability. Finally, we offer multi-language flexibility which support 34 commonly used languages, enabling developers to create voice-enabled products that can be shipped around the world.”

“Many of our fabless customers have mass produced AndesCore-embedded solutions for touch panel controllers, gesture recognition, and sensor fusion applications,” said Charlie Hong-Men Su, Ph.D., Andes Technology CTO and Senior Vice President of R&D. “Our synthesizable 32-bit embedded processor cores and compiler technology address a wide range of requirements of minimum power consumption and memory usages, providing good power-performance-area tradeoff for a variety of IoT applications. For applications requiring voice interfaces, we provide solutions ranging from compact processors (such as AndesCore N705) for voice command processing to advanced processors with DSP/SIMD capabilities (such as AndesCore D1088) for noise reduction and echo cancellation. By joining forces with Cyberon on natural language interfaces, we are enabling user convenience with our technologies and hoping to boost the market penetration of intelligent electronics.”

About Cyberon Corporation
Cyberon Corporation, with its headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, is a leading embedded speech solution provider and supported by experts experienced in Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies for tens of years. Cyberon’s speech solution is developed specifically for mobile devices, MCU, and DSP to provide users a convenient, natural and reliable user experience. For more information about Cyberon and CSpotter, please see: