Andes Technology Corporation and Acer BYOC™ Announce Inter-Platform Support on Internet-of-Things Cloud Solutions for SoC Design


Andes Technology and Acer BYOC’s Efforts Will Enable IoT SoC Designers to Empower Their Products with Cloud Computing Capabilities Through Andes’™ Ecosystem

【Hsinchu, Taiwan】Andes Technology Corporation, the leading Asia-based supplier of small, low-power, high performance 32-bit embedded CPU cores, and Acer BYOC™ (Build Your Own Cloud™) today announced plans to support each other’s Internet-of-Things cloud service solutions for SoC Design. Andes and Acer BYOC will each develop technology offerings that will enable SoC engineering design teams to build IoT SoCs with Acer cloud services using Andes ecosystem resources. Andes will support Acer BYOC’s open platform and help expand Internet-of-Beings cloud ecosystem to the level of IC and SoC design. Acer BYOC will grow the vertical coverage of Andes’ CPU IP and IoT ecosystem on their expanding cloud service platform.

“Both Acer and Andes offer complementing IoT solutions to the global market,” said Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Business Group at Acer Inc. “By offering inter-platform compatibility, we hope to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for our joint customers.”
 “We admire how Acer has studied the progress of the IoT market trend over the long-term and devoted itself early on to building up cloud technology,” Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin, President of Andes Technology Corporation, stated. “Our collaboration with Acer BYOC will enable Andes customers that design hardware and develop software for IoT SoCs the convenience of obtaining cloud service solutions plus underlying building blocks from, our IoT ecosystem providing open-source and commercial solutions for modern connected devices based on the highly performance-efficient AndesCore™ processors. Customers will derive great benefit through this technology and business relationship.”

Cloud Service Platform and IoT Computing
Emerging services and innovative applications are raised by the development of ubiquitous computing and IoT devices. Equipped with sensing, connectivity, and intelligence, connected IoT devices change the computing paradigm. Legacy resources, such as storage and computation, are migrating from computing devices to the cloud for emerging networked applications. In addition to storage capacity and computing power, SoC designers for IoT applications also face the daunting task of integrating silicon intellectual property and software stacks as well as easy access to cloud services to complete real world usages of the IoT computing. The example of a fitness wearable illustrates how the cloud becomes a component of an SoC design. The SoC controls an intelligent sensor, but the cloud provides the sensor output.

The challenge is to build both device and service infrastructure. The inter-platform support of Andes and Acer BYOC combines the market proven elite software stack and hardware platform from Andes ecosystem with the cloud service open platform from Acer BYOC. The Acer BYOC platform provides modular services such as music, file storages, media and document applications, and it also allows developers to rapidly bring new and innovative applications to IoT devices. By introducing such a flexible cloud platform on top of the rich device hardware-software framework, Andes and Acer BYOC enable developers to quickly bring smart connected applications to reality.