Andes Technology and M31 Technology Cooperate in Building UP Optimized CPU Solution


【Hsinchu, Taiwan】June 30, 2014 – Andes Technology Corporation (, the first and leading supplier of licensable processor cores in Asia, and M31 Technology, the boutique Intellectual Property provider, today announced together that AndesCore™ N1337 has adopted M31’s advanced technology MACH™ to reach 1GHz frequency under 40nm process. N1337 as a high speed CPU solution can be applied to handheld devices, intellignet TV, tele-communication, and consumer entertainment applications.

Embedded with Andes’ 32-bit microprocessor core AndesCore™ N1337, SoC can obtain innovative advantages of low power, small area, high performance, and be benefited from its easy-to-use flexible development platform. The major target applications are controller SoC for DTV, Digital Home, Setop Box, Switcher, Router, Fiber Network, Surveillance, SSD, ADAS, etc.

Andes’ CTO and R&D VP Dr. Charlie Su stated “AndesCore™ N1337 implemented by Andes’ newest V3 instruction set and equipped with saturation instructions, is an 8 pipeline stage, 32-bit processor which can reach as high as 1.87DMIPS/MHz. N1337 supports 64-bit AXI in addition to popular AHB bus. Its innovative architecture ensures to meet the most demanding SoC efficiency requirement. In addition, N1337 supports common interface allowing instruction fetch, data access and DMA to simultaneously access Unified Local Memory (ULM), which tremendously increases data transmission speed and is very suitable for large amount of data handling in a RTOS system. For Linux support, N1337 implements Memory Management Unit (MMU) and L2 Cache. With Andes’ L2 Cache controller, N1337 can be applied to high end applications.”

MACH™ family of M31 Technology includes three essential components to speed up CPU frequency. Its ultra-high-speed (UHS) memory complier is designed to meet the critical performance requirement of CPU L1 cache. MACH™ cell library is to boost the performance of CPU logic. And, MACH™ optimization flow with unique numerical algorithms can dynamically adjust the transistor sizes and create new cells to reach optimal performance.

Mr. H.P. Lin, M31 Technology’s Chairman, stated “M31 is very glad to become a partner of Andes Technology. M31’s MACH™ family can analyze customer’s cell library to give dynamic adjustment and create new cells. MACH™ family provides customers various solutions for high speed interface applications including CPU and GPU market.”

Mr. Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin, Andes Technology’s President, stated “CPU performance is the most challenging goal of portable devices including cell phones and tablets. Adopting M31’s MACH™ family can speed up 10%~15% performance. Andes Technology is very glad to cooperate with M31 and appreciates the co-development opportunity. M31 has become another powerful technology partner for Andes. Andes’ 32-bit processor cores and development tools have been widely adopted in this industry with positive reputation. Andes will continuously develop products in diversified segments for different applications, and hopes to bring Andes’ customers the best technology, service and solutions.”

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