Andes Wins Over Large Publicly Traded Company as Newcomer to Japanese Market


【Taiwan HsinChu】Even with the slow recovery of global economy in 2013, the demand of semiconductor business in Japan is projected to see a healthy growth of 5.8% to reach $43.4 billion, according to a report from Industry & Technology Intelligence Service (ITIS). Playing a significant role in the semiconductor industry, Japan is a target market that Andes Technology won’t miss when considering going global. After steady efforts to promote AndesCore™, Andes scored its first win in Japan this August by licensing N705-S to a vendor of electrical/electronic equipments. The licensee is a large Japanese publicly traded company with annual revenue of over $2 billion and focuses on the production of temperature controllers, flow control instruments and heat treatment controllers. Andes stands out among competitors, including the one with the largest CPU IP market share, for the superiority of AndesCore™ CPUs in terms of power, performance, and area (PPA). In addition, the licensee is impressed with Andes’ comprehensive development tools and RTOS support. Furthermore, Andes offers prompt and efficient customer support that fully matches high quality standards of the Japanese company.

Andes has started expanding its business to Japan since last year. Its brand yet remains relatively unknown in the country, despite the good reputation and market share in Taiwan, China and Korea. Therefore, in addition to signing contract with the large publicly traded company, Andes also undertakes several marketing activities in Japan. Recent ones are the participation in GSA Semiconductor Leader Forum (Tokyo, October 29th) and Embedded Technology Conferences & Exhibition (Yokohama, November 20th). Through these activities, Andes expects to create awareness of Andes CPU cores and generate more customers in Japan.

Jyh-Ming Frankwell Lin, President of Andes Technology Corporation, stated, “To provide potential customers in Japan with a variety of choices, in the short term, Andes plans to introduce higher-end processors, such as N9, N10 and N13, along with the promotion of N705-S. While Andes also enters the final evaluation stage of another Japanese company now, we believe that our strengths in ultra low power through performance efficiency, small die size and solutions to address SoC issues will be recognized by more and more companies here. In the long run, Andes will reinforce ties with customers by attending international conferences and organizing forums. An upcoming in-depth book about Andes CPU cores by Munetomo Maruyama (32-Bit CPU Core Developed in Taiwan: AndesCore, CQ publishing) is also expected to seize the interests of electrical/electronic system manufacturers, IC design houses and IDMs in Japan. We look forward to the rapid growth of Andes licensees here in the near future.”For more information about Andes Technology and AndesCore™, Andes high-performance/low-power 32-bit processor cores, please referto or contact