Andes Technology to Bring Energy Efficient Processor Cores to the U.S. Market


Asia’s leading processor IP company expands business to the U.S.

【Santa Clara, CA, March 15, 2013】 – Andes Technology (, Asia’s leading supplier of licensable processor cores, today announced plans to expand business and technical support to include U.S. semiconductor companies.   Founded 8 years ago in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Andes has been quietly developing and delivering a broad range of processor Intellectual Property (IP) cores and subsystems to leading chip companies across Asia.  Products using their cores deliver more energy efficiency while consuming lower power than traditional core alternatives – but until now, these products have only been available to Asian semiconductor companies who have deployed Andes cores in many high-volume applications.  Today, Andes will bring these innovative solutions to U.S. semiconductor companies.

The President of Andes Technology, Frankwell Lin, commented: “We are excited to be able to bring our world-class IP products to the U.S. Semiconductor industry.  It has always been Andes’ first priority to help our customers succeed in reaching high-volume mass-production, by working in close proximity with the foundries to generate silicon-proven IP.  With recent changes in the global IP market, we see a great opportunity to bring that customer-centric approach to U.S companies – and to help their success too.”

“The last few years have brought exciting changes to the processor IP industry,” observed Linley Gwennap, president of The Linley Group.  “It’s interesting to see a processor IP company come from Asia to the U.S. instead of the other direction.  By first succeeding in the high-volume Asian semiconductor market, Andes has built a solid infrastructure and positioned themselves to become a viable player on the world stage.”

Andes Technology comes to the U.S. after having quietly grown to become a major provider in the IP industry.  Unlike other RISC processor architectures, which were designed for workstation applications, the Andes instruction set is defined for optimal power-performance efficiency in embedded control and processing applications. Andes CPU and MCU cores are already used in hundreds of millions of devices and they have design wins at more than 50 different semiconductor companies across Asia. The expansion to the U.S. will include product sales, service and support, including availability of full-speed development systems with Andes-based silicon onboard.

“IP cores have become part of all modern SOC designs,” declared Rich Warzyniak, Senior Analyst for ASIC & SoC at Semico Research. “We think that the next step in that evolution is to solve the larger problems of IP subsystems – especially if they can address the need for reducing power.  Andes has already taken a leadership step in that direction by combining their low power processor cores into subsystems which include other key IP components, software and development tools.  To support their customers, they have taken a very visionary approach and used it to win business across Asia.”

From tablets to televisions, storage to surveillance
Andes products were created based on actual customer needs.  Used in applications ranging from low-power embedded controllers to high-performance network routers, Andes cores are always designed for optimal performance-efficiency.  This also makes them ideal for emerging applications like IOT (Internet-of-Things) and embedded control.  With a full range of Subsystem IP, silicon-proven test chips, development tools like GCC/Linux, and middleware support for standards like Zigbee – Andes is committed to servicing the needs of the large and small companies in the semiconductor industry.

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