FreeStart AE250 AHB-Based Platform

Pre-integrated with N22

General Description

The FreeStart AE250 AHB-based platform pre-integrated with N22 CPU is a system design that serves various purposes such as to explore the product features, to evaluate the performance indexes and to determine the configuration options. It is architected as the CPU/Local memories/Interrupt controller subsystem interfaced to AHB Bus Matrix and APB Bus Bridge with Platform IP components attached. This pre-integrated platform is ideal for minimizing development efforts by providing a verified reference which is both performance optimized and feature ready for majority of the embedded applications. FreeStart AE250 AHB-based Paltform is for Andes FreeStart Program.

Block Diagram

Feature Highlight

Bus Controller / Bridge

  • AHB-Lite Bus Matrix Controller
  • AHB-to-APB Bridge

APB Bus Components

  • atcuart100             UART Controller
  • atcspi200               Quad Speed SPI Controller
  • atcgpio100            GPIO
  • atcpit100               Programmable Interval Timer (PIT)/PWM
  • atcwdt200              Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • atcrtc100               Real Time Clock (RTC)