Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) Supports AndesCore™ 45-Series Processors to Provide Flexible Acceleration


HSINCHU, TAIWAN – March 23, 2023 – Andes Technology, a leading supplier of high-performance, low-power, and extensible 32/64-bit RISC-V processor cores and Founding Premier member of RISC-V International, announces that an updated version of the powerful Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) technology now supports the AndesCore™ 45-series processors – the single-core N45/D45/NX45/A45/AX45 and the multi-core A45MP/AX45MP. In addition, the advanced ACE features ACE-RVV and Andes Streaming Port will work with the AndesCore™ AX45MPV, which is the latest member of the 45-series processors with up to 1024-bit Vector Processing Unit (VPU).

With an in-order, 8-stage, dual-issue superscalar pipeline, the AndesCore™ 45-series processors offer strong processing performance for companies to develop high-performance solutions for a wide range of applications in 5G, automotive, AIoT etc. Similar to the AndesCore™ 25 and 27-series processors, the 45-series processors now work with the Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) to realize domain-specific architecture designs with custom instructions support.

Through the ACE framework, SoC designers are able to design custom instructions and the corresponding custom logic to extend the AndesCore™ processors. The Andes COPILOT is a set of powerful tools to generate all the necessary components including intrinsic functions, processor RTL module and support for simulator, debugger, and compilation tools to support the custom instructions. The designers write an ACE script to describe the instruction semantics and concise Verilog RTL code to describe the custom logic. These are then fed into the COPILOT to generate all the outputs.