Andes AI Runs Everywhere


AndesAIRE™ or Andes AI Runs Everywhere are ultimately efficient solutions designed for edge and end-point inference, including the first generation of AI/ML hardware accelerator intellectual property (IP), the AndesAIRE™ AnDLA™ I350 (Andes Deep Learning Accelerator), the neural network software tools and runtimes, the AndesAIRE™ NN SDK, and the highly optimized and handcrafted NN compute libraries for RISC-V DSP/SIMD P-Extension (draft) and RISC-V Vector V-Extension v1.0, AndesAIRE™ NN Library.

A high performance-efficient deep learning accelerator for edge and end-point inference

A Comprehensive Set of Software Tools and Runtimes for End-To-End Development and Deployment

Optimized Neural Network Compute Libraries for RISC-V Processors