Corvette M1

Arduino-compatible Development Platform

General Description

Corvette M1 is an Arduino-compatible development platform based on M2Comm’s wireless MCU M2C8001, a highly integrated SoC with 32-bit AndesCore N801 CPU, 802.15.4 MAC, and RF front-end for total BOM cost reduction. Users can easily build the prototypes and applications of IoT devices under Arduino standard IDE and full-featured AndeSight™IDE

Below is a picture of Corvette M1:

Feature Highlight


  • Easy to Use
    • Built-in AICE port for flash burner and program debugging functions
    • Built-in microUSB to UART 
  • Application Processing
    • 32-bit AndesCore N801
    • Up to 60MHz
    • 128KB embedded flash
    • 24KB internal SRAM
    • 4MB SPI flash
  • Communication
    • Sub-GHz support for multiple bands
    • Integrated RF frond-end
    • Dual MAC support:
    • IEEE 802.15.4
    • M2C Platanus
  • Sensor / Display / Peripheral
    • 4 ADC channels
    • 16 external interrupts
    • 3.3V IO voltage
    • 16 GPIO pins and 4 pins can be used as PWM output
    • One UART port
    • One SPI port
    • One I2C port
    • Powered via the USB connector

Development Tools and Platforms

  • AndeSight v2.0.0 or later
  • Arduino IDE v1.6.4 or v1.6.5(Andes support available at