Andes Trace

Andes Trace Solution Overview

  • AndesCore™ NCETRACE200 : A non-intrusive tracing solution of AndesCore RISC-V processors, compliant with RISC-V Processor Trace V2.0, that includes:
    • Trace Encoder  (NCETENC200)
      • Interface: complies with the RISC-V Efficient Trace (E-trace V2.x) instruction trace interface specification
      • Converts these signals into a compressed data stream in the Nexus Trace (N-Trace) format
    • Trace Buffer (NCETBUF200)
      • Configurable 4K or 8K dedicated SRAM
        • 1K or 2K: possible (by demand)
      • Support off-chip trace probe
    • Trace Multiplexer (NCETMUX200)
      • Up to 8 cores (homogenous)
    • Time Stamp Generator (NCETTSGEN200)
    • Time Stamp Decoder (NCETTSDEC200)
  • Instruction Trace Encoder Only
  • Input Spec
    • Follow RISC-V E-Trace v2.x
  • Packet format:
    • RISC-V N-Trace format
    • Support mixing of multiple streams through a trace funnel (NCETMUX200)
  • The trace-subsystem module support mixed VALEN

Block Diagram