AndesAIRE™ NN Library

Optimized Neural Network Compute Libraries for RISC-V Processors

AndesAIRE™ NN Library Overview

AndesAIRE™ (Andes AI Runs Everywhere) NN library is a powerful and efficient neural network compute library that is designed to accelerate neural network tasks on AndesCore™ RISC-V CPU platforms. With AndesAIRE™ NN library, developers can take advantage of advanced algorithms and techniques to optimize neural network performance. The library is designed to unleash the maximum performance of RISC-V DSP/SIMD (P-extension; draft) and RISC-V Vector (V-extension; v1.0) and minimize the memory footprint. It also utilizes AndeStar™ V5 RISC-V Extension to further reduce code size and improve performance. 


  • Highly optimized neural network INT8 functions for AndesCore™ RISC-V CPU
  • Optimized for the following ISA extensions:
    • RISC-V DSP/SIMD (RVP draft)
    • RISC-V Vector (RVV v1.0)
  • >170 functions for versatile NN operators
  • 8 categories:
    • Activation
    • Basic
    • Concatenation
    • Convolution
    • Fully Connected
    • Pooling
    • Softmax
    • Utils 

Block Diagram

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  • AndesAIRE™ NN SDK
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Product Package

  • AndesAIRE™ NN Library for RVP extension
  • AndesAIRE™ NN Library for RVV extension