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Dividend & Stock Quotes

If there is any profit in an annual general financial statement of the Company, such profit shall be distributed in the following orders:

  1. Reserve for tax payments.
  2. Offset accumulated losses in previous years, if any.
  3. Legal reserve, which is 10% of leftover profits. However, this restriction does not apply in the event that the amount of the accumulated legal reserve equals or exceeds the Company’s total capital stock.
  4. Allocation or reverse of special reserves as required by law or government authorities.
  5. The remaining net profits and the retained earnings from previous years will be allocated as shareholders’ dividend. The Board of Directors will prepare a distribution proposal. If the distribution proposal in form of new shares to be issued by the company should submit the same to the shareholders’ meeting for review and approval by a resolution; If such surplus earning is distributed in the form of cash, it shall be approved by a meeting of the board of directors.

The Company pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph Five, Article 240 hereof, authorizes the distributable dividends and bonuses in whole or in part may be paid in cash after a resolution has been adopted by a majority vote at a meeting of the board of directors attended by two-thirds of the total number of directors. Or the company pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph One, Article 241 hereof, may distribute its legal reserve and the following capital reserve, in whole or in part, by cash; and in addition thereto a report of such distribution shall be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting.

The policy of dividend distribution should reflect factors such as sustainable development, stable growth, the interest of the shareholders, and healthy financial structure as the goal. The board of directors shall make the distribution proposal according to funding needs. The dividends to shareholders shall be distributed at no lower than 2% of distributable earnings. If the Company decides to issue dividends, cash dividends shall not be lower than 10% of the total dividends. 

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