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Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to practice corporate social responsibility, implement corporate governance, maintain social welfare, attach importance to the environment and strengthen information disclosure, we do:

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations, and the implementation of integrity management are the basic premise.
  2. Improve the utilization efficiency of various resources; continuously promote environmental protection awareness;provide colleagues environmentally friendly tableware; promote waste sorting; turn off lights one hour per day; and try our best to save energy and reduce carbon emission.
  3. Implement labor laws and regulations; abide by gender equality laws and international human rights norms; provide competitive salary system; and provide welfare measures to take care of employees:
     • Set up an employee welfare committee. Colleagues can enjoy various welfare measures such as travel and celebration activities, wedding and funeral subsidies, and colleague dinners.
     • Execute employee annual health check no less than the law’s regulation. In addition to the basic labor and health insurance, the parents, spouses and children also be covered by the group insurance.
     • The new retirement system is currently adopted. According to the Regulations on Labor Pension, the company contributed to labor personal accounts of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. In 2019, the company made an allocation of NT$11,864,000.
     • Set up labor-management meeting and mailbox of the general manager's office to communicate opinions and respond to colleagues' suggestions to ensure the harmony between labor and management.
     • To provide colleagues with a safe and healthy working environment, Execute fire safety inspection once a year; fire safety drills constantly, carbon dioxide detection, and take annual office fire insurance and public accident insurance.
    • On-site services of medical staff are regularly implemented every month, and health lectures are held irregularly.
  4. Emphasis on product innovation: The company has won the Golden Penguin Award for R&D Innovation and the Information Month Outstanding Information Application and Product Award.
  5. Selected as "Y2018 TOP25 Best Emerging Technology Solution Provider" by CIO Advisor Magazine.
  6. Promote the industry-university cooperation mechanism and deepen the development of campus talents: the "Andes Certified Engineer Test (ACET™) Program" exam is held twice a year on a regular basis. The number of participants in 2019 was 175. The students who passed the test have logged in the basic information of the technical school. At the same time, the company's customers are notified of the certification examination information, so that students who have passed the certification can find employment with Andes customers after graduation. ACET™ test is a question bank compiled by our company, which is open on the company's official website. It can assist school professors in training seed teachers and students, and help students understand practical applications and future employment. In addition, by donating AndesCore™ and AndeSight™ to the school to develop and conduct project research, students can apply it in the fields of communication, storage, biomedicine, network, and multimedia to expand the school's teaching resources and help the school cultivate outstanding students with practical ability, to achieve the win-win goal of talent cultivation and industrial cooperation to give back to the society.
  7. The company holds a briefing session on preventing insider trading every year. Affected by the new crown pneumonia this year, on 109.10.20, we switched to e-mail to publicize the "importance of preventing insider trading and must abide by laws and regulations" to directors above the division level (28 in total), and the publicity materials were placed in the company's public slot. For other colleagues to refer to.

Energy Management
The company is a professional silicon intellectual property (IP) company. It has no physical products and no production process operations, so there is no danger of industrial waste water, industrial waste gas, toxic gas, and chemicals. The company complies with relevant environmental laws and regulations, cleans and recycles resource waste every day, in order to implement the sustainable management policy of environmental protection and resource reuse. As of December 2020, there has been no violation of environmental protection regulations.

Electricity consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and plant waste over the years.88

Year\Project Electricity - usage (degrees) Electricity - carbon emissions (KG of CO2e) Water - usage (degree) Factory waste

The company's average carbon dioxide emissions per person in 2019 was 698kg, which was equivalent to 697kg in 2018. In order to reduce the impact of the greenhouse gas effect on the environment, the goal is to reduce the total electricity consumption by 1% to 2% every year. The average water consumption per person in 2019 is 0.25 degrees, which is almost equivalent to 0.29 degrees in 2018, and the goal is to reduce water consumption by 2% per year.

Energy saving and carbon reduction and greenhouse gas reduction strategies
The company is committed to energy conservation, carbon reduction and protection of water resources. The relevant policies include:

  1. The air conditioner is equipped with a timer device, the lights are turned off for 1 hour during the lunch break, and colleagues are encouraged to turn off the lights at will to reduce energy and resource consumption.
  2. Install faucet water saver, promote water saving, and avoid unnecessary waste.
  3. According to the nature of various wastes, they are classified into different categories for recycling and storage.
  4. Provide employees with environmentally friendly tableware and reduce the use of disposable tableware to reduce garbage and pollution that impact the environmental load.
  5. Regularly carry out greenhouse gas and water consumption inventory every year, with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption year by year.
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