Andes Launches AndeSight™ v2.0.0 STD Edition, Offering SoC Developers a Sophisticated Development Suite to Meet Diverse Requirement


【Taiwan HsinChu】 Andes Technology, the dedicated vendor of 32-bit CPU IP and associated SoC platforms, launches the AndeSight v2.0.0 STD Development Suite tailored for middle- and high-end market after the rollout of its MCU version for low-end market. AndeSight v2.0.0 STD is characterized by its brand new GUI layout based on Eclipse CDT 8.0 and customization features Chip Profile, Flash ISP and Plugin API with excellent integrity. In addition to the existing AndesCore™ processor cores, AndeSight v2.0.0 STD extends its supports to the newest member, N1337, and cooperates with the Andes ICE solutions, AndeShape™ AICE and AICE-MCU. With these features, AndeSight v2.0.0 STD has become a sophisticated development tool that can catch up with the future trend and meet diverse requirements. 

AndeSight v2.0.0 STD not only includes functions in the MCU version but also enhances its functionalities for setting up the development environment, debugging and verification. Integrating with Andes ESL Integrated Virtual Environment AndESLive™, AndeSight v2.0.0 STD comes with virtual evaluation platform Simulator and graphical interface SoC Builder that enables the construction of virtual SoCs. In terms of debugging, it provides two configurations specific for Linux target environment – Linux Application debugging and Attach to Process debugging. 

AndeSight v2.0.0 STD also offers various functions to customize development environment, including Chip Profile, Flash Burner and Plugin API. Chip Profile contains project templates for specific targets, preventing developers from repetitive configuration for the same targets. As to Flash Burner, users can modify the sample Flash Driver to meet their own flash type and perform pertinent flash programming through the built-in Flash ISP graphical interface. Plugin API allows users to utilize the resources of AndeSight with their own plugin programs. The graphical interface Chip Profile Editor facilitates developers to quickly configure Chip Profile components for individual SoCs. A Chip Profile can be generated by simply configuring the parameters of Chip Profile components, such as project template, Flash Driver, SoC Registers, and Memory Map.

The toolchains of AndeSight v2.0.0 STD support existing CPU N7, N8, SN8, N9, N10 and also N13, the newest member of AndesCore family. Supported by AndeStar™ V3/V3m ISA, the toolchains enable a development environment of All-C Embedded Programming. Programmers can produce high quality code efficiently by writing all their code in C and save the trouble of using assembly language. On the side of RTOS support, AndeSight v2.0.0 STD provides RTOS Awareness feature for μC/OS-II and FreeRTOS, rendering developers visualized high-level debugging for RTOS applications. 

With regard to the debugging solutions, AndeSight v2.0.0 STD can work with both AndeShape AICE and AICE-MCU. The former has been enhanced to deliver better functionality and efficiency; the later supports two-wire JTAG interface so that users can be benefited from reduced pin counts and SoC cost. AndeShape AICE-MCU supports the Debug-on-Reset and Secure Access features in addition to AndesCore’s standard debugging mechanisms such as hardware breakpoint and step-over. It also provides auto frequency calibration and effective download speed, offering customers a low cost niche while maintaining high compatibility with development environment.  

Based on AndeSight v2.0.0 MCU, the newly-launched STD version has a significant upgrade on efficiency and stability. It allows SoC engineers to develop programs on virtual SoC platforms and perform verification on real boards. It also provides advanced debugging utilities to ease the development process and various startup demo programs to get users acquainted with hardware/software environment in less time. 

Dr. Charlie Su, Chief Technical Officer and VP of R&D at Andes, states, “To Andes, introducing high quality and efficient development tools are just as important as launching leading embedded CPU IP AndesCores. We expect AndeSight to be easy-to-use, deliver higher efficiency with optimized code and provide extensive supports for hardware, software and system. The new features of AndeSight v2.0.0 STD are derived from customers’ feedbacks, numerous internal discussion and revisions. Its performance, new functionalities and customization features Chip Profile Editor and Plugin API demonstrate Andes’ continuous efforts on software enhancement and fulfill our commitments to the customers. We look forward to seeing our customer Seize Today’s Dreams and Shape Tomorrow’s Devices with AndeSight v2.0.0 STD.”

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