2018 Andes RISC-V CON

Shichin Ouyang

Shichin Ouyang received his B.S. from National TsingHua University, Taiwan, and his M.S. from Stanford University, CA, both in Electrical Engineering. He has been working with MediaTek Inc since 2008, where he is currently a Director of Technology on MediaTek's CPU organization. Before joining MediaTek, he was with SUN Microsystems from 1999 to 2008 as a timing lead and a digital circuit designer on multiple Ultra-Sparc processors. At MediaTek, his division’s current focus is on design and implementation of processor subsystems to achieve high performance and low power goals for mobile AP and modem processors.
The speech will give an overview on Mediatek and RISC-V, followed by many common goals that Mediatek and RISC-V share. The focus of speech will be on the potential benefits of RISC-V, and Mediatek’s expectation on RISC-V and its Ecosystems, from a leading fabless IC design company’s perspective.

Andes Technology
Charlie Su, CTO & Senior VP

Dr. Charlie Su is the first employee of Andes. He is in charge of product development and technical marketing. He spent over 12 years in the Silicon Valley with various technical and management positions at Sun Microsystems, Afara Websystems, C-Cube Microsystems, SGI/MIPS, and Intergraph. He made key contributions to several successful processors such as the Sun multi-core multi-threading Ultrasparc T1 and T2 processors, the C-Cube high-performance E-series MPEG media processors, the MIPS out-of-order R10K processor, and the Intergraph Clipper VLIW processor. Prior to starting Andes, he led the CPU and DSP development in Faraday Technology as Chief Architect.

Andes Technology
Frankwell Lin, President

President Lin started his career being as application engineer in United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) while UMC was an IDM with its own chip products, he experienced engineering, product planning, sales, and marketing jobs with various product lines in UMC.
In 1995, after four years working on CPU chip product line as business director, he was transferred to UMC-Europe branch office to be its GM when UMC reshaped to do wafer foundry service, he lead UMC-Europe to migrate itself from selling IDM products to selling wafer foundry service.

In 1998, after 14 years working in UMC, President Lin switched job to work in Faraday Technology Corporation (Faraday), he lead ASIC business development as starting, then on-and-off leading ASIC implementation, chip backend service, IP business development, industry relationship development (IR), as well as Faraday's spokesperson, in 2004, he started to lead the CPU project spin off operation of Faraday.

President Lin became co-founder of Andes Technology Corporation (Andes) in 2005 and formally took position to be Andes' President since 2006.

Andes Technology
Emerson Hsiao, Senior VP

Dr. Hsiao has an extensive background in the ASIC and IP industry. Prior to joining Andes, he worked at Kilopass Technology as the VP of Marketing.
Dr. Hsiao previously held the General Manager position for Faraday Technology USA, where he spent several years in field application in various locations including Taiwan, Japan and USA. Dr. Hsiao worked at UC Santa Barbara as a visiting scholar prior to Faraday.